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March 17 2018

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When to Start Sculpting the Body

Body sculpting, or contouring, will not result in the removal of large amounts of fat. The procedures available are for fat reduction, not weight reduction. There are a multitude of body contouring options these days that can destroy fat cells to create a one to three inch difference in the waist, thighs, stomach, or hips. People who have more inches to lose will have to continue with diet and exercise for a longer time period before seeking sculpting procedures.

Best Candidates

Healthy people in excellent physical condition are the best candidates for minimally and non-invasive procedures. Stubborn fat tends to settle in certain areas and no amount of exercising, dieting, or body cleansing will get rid of it. That is the time to consider body sculpting as a way to get the end result desired. These procedures are not short cuts, they are permanent solutions for a specific problem.

Exploring Possibilities

What most people do not realize is that certain procedures are approved for certain areas by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Procedures also work differently, utilize different technology, and offer a variety of results. Kybella, for example, is a product that is injected into the chin and neck area to destroy fat cells. It is not approved for any other areas of the body. A procedure known as CoolSculpting utilizes technology to freeze cells in order to destroy them in the core area of the body.

The most advanced non-surgical procedure is a breakthrough for the industry. Vanquish uses radio frequency to heat and destroy fat cells. The machinery for this body sculpting procedure never comes in direct contact with the skin. That eliminates any chances of skin irritation, scarring, burning, or infection.

There is zero down time, pain, and side effects. A warm feeling and redness of the skin may occur, but quickly disappear after the thirty-minute session is over. Sessions are done at one week intervals, with four to six being recommended. The procedure is only available in select centers at this point. People ready to get rid of the final inches off the waist or abdomen will find more information at www.clderm.com.

The Consultation

A consultation is required before any procedures are started. An assessment of the client, a discussion of expectations, and a medical history determine recommendations. It is at this time that pricing is also discussed for all viable options. Quotes are not possible before this point because the total cost depends on factors that cannot be determined prior to the consultation. Visit CLDerm today to arrange for your consultation.

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